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Fans React To The Hilarious And Most Famous Floor Cleaner: "This Man Must Work For The NBA."

Fans React At Hilarious And The Most Famous Floor Cleaner: "This Man Must Work For The NBA."

With the intensity in the NBA, a video surfaced online, which has helped league fans relieve their pressure a bit. It was an eventful post-thanksgiving matchups, especially at Staples Center, where the game against the Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings reached triple overtime.

The FIBA World Cup 2023 Qualifiers is ongoing, and a mop guy has been the center of attraction. A video surfaced online, showing a mop guy carrying out his duty in the most exquisite fashion. The way he goes about his business is fun to watch, as he puts on a show while ensuring the players stay safe on the floor.

The reactions to the video have been a bit two-sided, but the majority of the fans are excited about how much he loves his job. Some also did not pass on the opportunity to troll NBA stars.

"What a performance."

"Should fire him right away. Why you cleaning with your head. Lol"

"Ngl I thought it was Jimmy Butler for a second"

"If you follow overseas hoops you know this man is a LEGEND "

"Get this man signed to a soccer team did you SEE that hold in the third clip?"

"Is that kyle lowery!!!"

"this is called loving your job."

"Like your job.❤️"

"Someone sign this man up the lakers need him."

"Him love tht job."

"He's a local legend. We're starting a petition to have him perform at a NBA game and after that, at the FIBA World Cup. Are you down?"

"That last slide is the icing on top."

"lebron needs this job when he retires"

"the dive in the second video is something else."

It will be interesting to see him perform at the NBA, although players might not be too happy with the stoppage of play and time-wasting. Nonetheless, fans will continue to react to his hilarious performances as more videos might surface as the World Cup Qualifiers continue.

Recently, fans were amazed by how much money a floor sweeper earns in the NBA, with most looking to switch careers. From the looks of it, it is a fairly easy task, especially since you will have an opportunity to see superstars up close.