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Fans React To The Tallest Basketball Player's Highlights: "I Would Hate To Have To Guard Him"

Fans React To The Tallest Basketball Player's Highlights: "I Would Hate To Have To Guard Him"

The world of basketball is expansive and goes beyond the reaches of the NBA. While the NBA is the most well-known and prestigious league in the world, there is basketball talent across the globe that can make a difference in the league. International players like Luka Doncic, Joel Embiid, Nikola Jokic, and Rudy Gobert, among others, are proving it now.

Only some elite international prospects come close to being that good. However, athletic gifts can endear many to incredible success as basketball players. There may be a future talent on the rise, as seen on a viral highlight reel going around the internet.

Apparently, a 7'11" basketball player has been found, and he made the game of basketball look like a joke in his highlight reel. Even though he lacks mobility or agility, his size allows him to pick the ball out of the air and jump off his feet for explosive dunks. The internet had a great time after finding this gem and reacted in hilarious ways. 

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This player has not been identified by name, but the highlight reel is impressive. However, no matter how physically gifted someone is, there needs to be a tangible talent that can be cultivated to make the player an NBA-level prospect. This player didn't look steady with the ball and would have an incredibly hard time against most professional players, even though his size may lead to incredible highlights.

If he can develop into an actual NBA prospect, it will be amazing for the league. However, it seems unlikely, considering there isn't much information on the player, which means scouts from around the world aren't rushing up to find out more about him. If he does have actual playing ability, the scouting will naturally follow.