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Fans React To Viral NBA Logo With Chubby Nikola Jokic: "Belly Of The League"

jokic logo

Nikola Jokic is expected to become the 2021 NBA MVP and people are already celebrating the Serbian center. His journey to the league wasn't easy and it wasn't like he was too bothered to get into the league. 

Jokic revealed that back in 2014, he was sleeping when the Denver Nuggets drafted him and we know now that ESPN was running a commercial when he was selected so there's no footage of Nikola getting selected. His history has been just crazy and fans are taking advantage of that. 

Recently, Fadeaway World Twitter account posted a pic with a young and chubby Jokic, which was used by somebody to create a new NBA logo. Things were out of control very quickly and a lot of fans had something to tell about it. 

You can't deny that pic is incredibly funny and NBA really liked that. Some people seem to be in for this change of logo but that is not going to be changed anytime soon. 

What is about the change, though, is Jokic's life after he gets the 2021 MVP award. Right now, it doesn't seem like he has actual competition to take the prize and unless something extraordinarily bad happens to the Nuggets, the Joker will be the first center to win the award since Shaquille O'Neal in 2000.