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Fans Speculate After Bradley Beal Praises Jayson Tatum And The Boston Celtics: "He Wants To Be A Celtic So Bad."

Fans Speculate After Bradley Beal Praises Jayson Tatum And The Boston Celtics: "He Wants To Be A Celtic So Bad."

The Boston Celtics have enjoyed the most amazing mid-season turned around and after a dodgy start finds themselves entering the playoffs as the 2nd seed in the Eastern Conference. Their opponents are the Brooklyn Nets, which will be a tough situation to navigate but the mood around one of the NBA's most historically successful franchises seems to be one of optimism. 

And regardless of what they can achieve this season, the Celtics will be looking to get better moving forward. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are excellent young pieces to build around but if the Celtics can add an elite guard to their roster, that would make them serious contenders again. And Bradley Beal's recent comments about the franchise and Tatum have raised the hopes of fans, with speculation that he might want to join the team since he's dropped a few hints about possibly leaving

Beal spoke about how Tatum is in the right situation for him, noting the love that the city of Boston has for their young superstar. 

"To see Jayson be in the situation he’s in, to be in Boston, to be in a sports town, to be in basketball Mecca, essentially, there’s no story better written for him. All he has to do is just embrace the atmosphere that he’s been in."

This is quite complimentary from the Washington Wizards star, and Celtics fans took notice, immediately talking about whether this means that Beal wishes to join Tatum and play for the C's. 

"Oh yeah, this sounds like someone who’s saving his spot . We can ring chase for 19 and 20 Brad!"

"He wants to be a Celtic so bad."

"This is amazing."

"It is nice to see a superstar not in Boston talk about Boston this way. Tatum going to make Boston a real FA destination."

"Tatum is lucky to have such an awesome big brother. Whenever I hear Beal talk about Tatum, it feels so sincere and thoughtful. Amazing influence."

"I feel like Beal wants to be here, but not sure if he fits the team."

"Sounds like someone wants to be in Boston."

"Imagine Beal on Celtics on a pay cut after he’s received his …just to play with JT…they obviously want to play together…"

"Beal to Boston."

There are some questions about how they would make it work in terms of fit as well as salary, but if there is a chance to put someone like Beal next to Tatum and Brown, it almost seems like a no-brainer. However, just the compliments don't mean too much, there's a lot more for Beal to consider as well if he plans to leave the Washington Wizards.