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Fans Want Atlanta To Get Trae Young Some Help After He Put Up 56 Points In Loss To Blazers: "If I was Him, I Wouldn't Even Talk To My Teammates"


Trae Young is one of the NBA's brightest young superstars. The 23-year-old famously led his Atlanta Hawks side to the Eastern Conference Finals last season, with lots of plaudits coming the Hawks' way for the roster they have built around Young. However, the way this regular season has begun, that narrative is being flipped on its head. 

The Hawks started the season with an impressive win over the Dallas Mavericks but have struggled mightily since then, falling to the 12th seed in the Eastern Conference with a 16-20 record. This has been despite the best efforts of Ice Trae who has been averaging an incredible 28.9 points and 9.5 assists every game. 

The Hawks' situation played itself out in microcosm against the Portland Trail Blazers on Tuesday with the team losing 136-131. This was compounded by the fact that Young had a historic night scoring 56 points and dishing out 14 assists. What makes the result even worse is that neither Damian Lillard nor CJ McCollum was available for the Blazers, the Hawks gave up 43 to Anfernee Simons. 

Fans were understandably irate with the loss after Trae's stellar showing and a number of them expressed their displeasure on Reddit

jawadhaque09: "How you lose to a team without Dame and CJ? Trae must be furious."

jwd2213: "How do you lose when you score 56 and generate another 28+ . Your responsible for 84 points in a loss? Woof."

FreeAgentsNoLeave: "56 and 14 for the loss lmao. I wouldn't even talk to my teammates."

adomanski: "Get this man some fucking help!!!"

FreeThrowShow: "Good thing for Trae is that only 1 of his teammates who played tonight will remain on the team past the deadline."

ikrow: "70 out of the team's 130 points involved him handling the ball. Bruh. I'm asking for a transfer immediately."

FatherJeffTeague: "Gallinari and Williams were putrid tonight. The latter needs to just be completely benched."

Hedgey: "I don't mind Gallo off the bench, but I don't know what it's going to take to get TLC off the fucking floor."

027eddy: "This might be the worst “despite the loss” effort I’ve seen, 56 & 14, if you can’t win with this, idk how’re you so supposed to win."

Zaniak88: "He’s gonna be out for the next 2 games with a back injury the way he’s been carrying us."

jumboponcho: "Everybody but Trae needs to be shopped, it’s time to get a 2nd star in here."

iCouldBeWrong: "Jeeezz 56 points and still lost against 13-22 Dameless Blazers. Hell nah, Trae making everyone walk back to the hotel."

patrickstarpants: "get him some HELP."

azntakumi: "the team still lost. No defense?"

The Hawks will get back John Collins, Bogdan Bogdanovic, and DeAndre Hunter soon, which will provide a boost to the team but this result will sting for a while for Young. The Hawks play the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday night next and will be hoping to make up for this display with a win.