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Father Shows His Newborn Baby Stephen Curry Highlights Straight Out The Womb

Father Shows His Newborn Baby Stephen Curry Highlights Straight Out The Womb

If you could pick the first thing you see in this world, what would it be? For one ecstatic young father, the answer is sharpshooting point guard Stephen Curry.

On Twitter this week, a clip went viral on TikToker 'tnejaypee' showing his newborn baby Steph Curry highlights just minutes after being born. Amazingly, the small child appeared to like what they saw.

There wasn't a whole lot else to the video, but fans were having fun with the clip in the comments. There, Twitter users pitched in their own captions and jokes.

By the time that child is even old enough to understand who Steph Curry really is, there's a good chance the NBA star will be out of the league. He's 34 years old and in the back end of his prime.

But if there's any player to bless your newborn's eyes with, it has got to be Steph. Not only is he the reigning Finals MVP, but he's also the greatest basketball shooter the world has ever seen.

As one of the modern-day faces of the game, Steph gets a lot of praise from his peers, but his greatest endorsement of all came from Kobe Bryant, who said this about Curry to actor Killer Mike before he retired.

"Who I gotta watch? He said to me 'there's this kid I've been watching. He real small and thin but if he can stay healthy'... As I'm processing that, he said 'there is this kid in Golden State, Steph Curry. I tell you, he's the one, all he gotta do is stay healthy.' That day, I started watching Steph and he hasn't disappointed since."

There are very few players in basketball who can top what Steph does on the court almost every game. His game is electrifying and powerful, and it deserves to be appreciated by all those who can.

Who knows, maybe when that baby grows up in a few decades, they'll end up being Curry's biggest fan. They might even end up being better on the court than Curry is today.