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Former Bulls Guard Scott Burrell: 'Michael Jordan Was Underpaid'

(via SLAM)

(via SLAM)

Michael Jordan’s 10-part docuseries begins airing tonight and will continue for the next four weeks. This is one of the most anticipated events in the NBA world in recent years. Nobody wants to miss this and everybody wants to give their take on the things that happened during Jordan’s first and second tenure with the Bulls.

Former Chicago Bulls guard Scott Burrell appeared on the Scoop B Radio Podcast to discuss talk about that team and how things worked for them during the most successful years in their history.

He talked about all his teammates, especially Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, and Toni Kukoc, but Burrell also mentioned Jordan, saying MJ was an underpaid player, as he wasn't the highest-paid player on the Bulls roster.

“One-hundred percent true. Michael Jordan was underpaid. Oh yeah. I mean back then, he WASN’T even one the highest paid on the Bulls until he signed those two big deals at the end of his career. The last two years he made about 36 Million I think. That’s average. That’s what guys make now.”

He also talked about how things developed with the players, the front office and the coaching staff during that time and what led to the Bulls dynasty to come to an end.

“I think the front office and some of the players. It just got too much – I think guys didn’t get along from the front office to some of the players, Phil and some of the coaching staff… so little by little it was deteriorating and guys were getting older. So I think they knew it was going to be the last chance to be together and that’s why the media came in and filmed everything for this documentary – This Last Dance documentary.”

You can see first hand what happened with the Bulls during that year and how everybody wanted to give everything to finish that cycle the best way. Jordan admitted people would think he’s a bad guy when they watch the documentary, so we have more reasons to be intrigued about the things this docuseries will unveil.