Former Cavs GM Explains Why LeBron Signed With The Lakers

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Even though David Griffin was ousted from the position of Cleveland Cavaliers General Manager in June of 2017, that doesn't mean he didn't keep his hand on the pulse of the Cavs organization last season, as Griffin thinks he knows exactly why LeBron left Cleveland this past offseason.

Many fans have questioned LeBron's move to Los Angeles, as the Lakers missed the playoffs last season, and as James is almost hellbent on trying to surpass Michael Jordan as the Greatest of all Time, it's a puzzling move to see him sign with a roster that needs a bit of development before it'll be competing for championships in the Western Conference.

David Griffin believes, however, that James' move is more to set LBJ up for his post-NBA career, rather than to win more titles.

“You know, it’s really interesting,” Griffin said on’s Wine and Gold Talk podcast. “So, obviously, I have nothing but the ultimate respect for him and clearly I think he is the best player of his generation and probably several other generations. Look, nobody even knows my name if he’s not from Akron, and I’m very, very consciously aware of that and I think one of the reasons that he felt compelled to do this is that in setting up his post-NBA career, when you’ve got a production company that’s as prolific as his is already, there’s no better way to establish yourself in Hollywood and announce your presence with authority like signing with the Los Angeles Lakers.

“So, I think this has as much to do with what comes next as anything else. I think his family enjoys the lifestyle there and I can’t say I blame them, it’s beautiful. But you don’t go about the process of buying a home in LA and continue to upgrade your home in LA while you’re living in Cleveland, without some intention of going to LA.”

Given all of LeBron's off-court ventures -- specifically his production company SpringHill Entertainment, which has been extremely busy since James' move in the offseason -- it doesn't take a sleuth to suggest LeBron may be thinking about life past his playing days as one of the reasons he's now wearing the purple and gold.