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Former Celtics Big Man Juancho Hernangomez Blasts His Former Team For Being Selfish: "I Lost My Love For Basketball A Bit.”

Juancho Hernangomez

After an impressive turnaround this season, the Boston Celtics are just one of two teams left standing in the playoffs and were able to take a 1-0 series lead over the Warriors in Game 1 of the Finals.

 Still, despite widespread praise for the team, not everyone is a huge fan of the way the team is ran. In a chat with Eurohoops, former Celtics big man Juancho Hernangomez blasted his former team, calling them selfish and citing a lack of communication.

“I want to continue in the NBA. I don’t see myself returning to Europe yet," said Hernangomez. "It’s no disrespect to the ACB or the Euroleague, very much the opposite. I don’t see it as a step back in my career. But when they talk about Madrid, Barcelona, CSKA… I don’t care. I’m no supporter of any basketball team. I have spoken to nobody or signed any offer.”

Of course, despite not having a secure NBA future yet, Hernangomez also expressed his will to play in the upcoming EuroBasket with Spain.

And he also shared a surprising insight about his time in Boston, where he spent this season until the 19th of January, when he was traded to the Spurs. As he said about the NBA finalists: “I wasn’t happy there, it was very hard. There was no communication, I didn’t know what was expected of me. There were many super selfish players and no team building. I lost my love for basketball a bit.”

Of course, we all know what kind of state the Celtics were in early into the season. Unable to find consistency or chemistry on the court, things took a drastic turn when the players began taking shots at each other through the media.

Eventually, though, the players found some common ground and turned things around in a huge way. Whatever issues Hernangomez had with the team, it seems they are a thing of the past now.