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Former Chicago Bulls Teammate Takes A Shot At Michael Jordan After His Comments On The Last Dance

(Via Getty)

(Via Getty)

Michael Jordan's The Last Dance has been a massive success thus far. In just three weeks, the Black Cat has dominated the ratings the same way he dominated all of his peers on both ends of the floor.

However, it seems like not everybody's pleased with the way Jordan handled his interviews for the documentary, as there have been a couple of controversial stories that have taken a toll on some of his formers teammate's public persona.

That's why former Bull Craig Hodges opened up to Fox Sports Radio to complain about how Jordan had pretty much told on the rest of the team during that infamous 'cocaine circus story':

“One of the things as players we call this a fraternity. So I’m watching the first episode and I was upset about the ‘cocaine circus.’ That bothered me because I was thinking about the brothers who are on that picture with you who have to explain to their families who are getting ready to watch this great Michael Jordan documentary event and they know you’re on the team, and now you’ve got to explain that to a 12-year-old boy," Hodges started.

Still, Hodges didn't just stop right there, as he also went on to bash Jordan for the way he handled Scottie Pippen's contract dispute. Jordan called Scottie selfish for not wanting to play for the team.

Moreover, Jordan also blamed Horace Grant for leaking information to Sam Smith for 'The Jordan Rules', claiming he was jealous about not being recognized as a pivotal part of the dynasty:

"Then the Scottie Pippen part. Scottie was ‘selfish’. C’mon man, c’mon. And then last night with Horace, that hurt me. I’m letting MJ know that that ain’t right, dude. Horace did not deserve to take the fall for ‘Jordan Rules’. If MJ knows something else and knows Horace’s motive, then tell us how Horace did it for my sake, because I’m your teammate brother, just like they are, and I’m kind of salty how everybody got interviewed but me," Hodges added.

But Hodges must avid complaint came about the timing of this documentary being aired. After sitting on a vault for two decades, we're watching The Last Dance right amid a pandemic, where black communities and minorities are suffering the worst part and the highest mortality rates.

Thus, airing the documentary right now would be kind of a distraction for those social issues, according to Hodges:

"How long ago did they do this and it's coming out right now?. Just the timing. It's impeccable as a marketer. You got everybody sitting at the crib. You got the No. 1 icon in black America at a time when black people are dying in untold numbers. Why now? Why now? Somebody's got to explain that to me," he concluded.

Someone should tell Hodges that the documentary was going to be aired this year anyway and that it was the people who begged for it to come out sooner because of the pandemic. Also, perhaps he shouldn't have been in that motel room if the didn't want to explain that to his future children.

As for Jordan's comments on Pippen and Grant, everybody knew Michael was hard on his teammates and only cared about winning, so that's not exactly breaking news right there.