Former Clippers Player Says Shaq O'Neal Lied About 61-Point Game And Was Jealous Because He Stole Shaq's Women

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Former Clippers Player Says Shaq O'Neal Lied About 61-Point Game And Was Jealous Because He Stole Shaq's Women

Shaquille O'Neal has been the main character of a lot of interesting stories in NBA history but some of them have been a little altered by the Los Angeles Lakers legend, as we recently learned. The legendary center did a lot both on and off the court but not everything he told people over the past couple of years is actually true.

There's a story of Shaq dropping 61 points on former Los Angeles Clippers star Keith Closs that was seen as the absolute truth by a lot of people when nothing that O'Neal said was real. Well, he did drop 61 on the Clippers but Keith Closs didn't play in that game, which happened to be on Shaq's birthday. During a recent interview on 'The Truth Podcast' with Jermaine Barnes & Mikey Domagala, Closs shed light on what really happened with Shaq and why he lied about scoring 61 points on him.

While Barnes and Domagala remembered that game, saying that Shaq could have felt jealous of Closs because of the relationship he had with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and how hard KAJ tried to help him, the player said that Shaq did and said all of that because he was hurt that Closs constantly stole his women (50:35 mark).

"I was a young jerk back then, especially towards Shaq. No good reason at all other than, I didn't like him because he was 7'1", 360, and made like hell playing against him. That was like the Clippers' punishment for me, you know, 'we don't give you good minutes tonight', you know, when we played against the Lakers. Yeah, I didn't play that game when he scored that 61. I was sitting on the side, with a tailor-made suit playing with my infant son. I used to mess with this one, I used to snatch his women."

Then 'Boss' recalled one time he trash-talked Shaq before a game and the then Lakers big man went off on him, fouled him out, and tried to mess his arm while guarding him. In the end, they were on good terms but it seems like Shaq never forgot that and the fact that Closs liked to get in the middle of O'Neal and the ladies.

This is a very interesting story that contradicts Shaq's more dramatic version. It would be good to see if he's interested in clarifying what really happened and if Closs is actually right with his comments.