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Former Laker Nick Young Calls Women's Basketball A JV Team: "Y’all Not Bringing In The Big Bucks..."

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

The subject of women's basketball (and women's sports in general) has been a rather hot-button issue over the last few years.

Whether it's the amount of respect, the monetary compensation for the players, or simply the appreciation each athlete gets, there are definitely some glaring gender differences when it comes to both collegiate and pro-level sports.

On Twitter, former Lakers sharpshooter Nick Young added more fuel to the fire, by comparing women's athletics to a "JV team."

Of course, the quote comes after Oregon's Sedona Prince shared a video comparing the women's and men's weight rooms at their NCAA tournament bubbles. The men have a lavish room, with plenty of high-quality equipment, while the women have, seemingly, just a small weight rack.

It's certainly obvious that women's sports are not treated to the same degree as men's. Many are advocating for that to change, including some of the athletes themselves.

Others, like Young, believe luxuries should be based on how much money each sport brings. The fact is, for whatever reason, men's basketball brings in way more money (and a lot more viewers) than that of the opposite gender.

Needless to say, changing that norm isn't going to come easy...