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Former Laker Nick Young Makes A Strong Pitch For Bronny James To Play For The USC Trojans: "Why Leave And You Already Out Here Comfortable?"

Former Laker Nick Young Make A Strong Pitch For Bronny James To Play For The USC Trojans: "Why Leave And You Already Out Here Comfortable?"

As LeBron James prepares for the grind of another long NBA season, his son Bronny is getting ready to play out the final chapter of his High School career.

All throughout the season, and until he announces his decision, the whole world will be waiting, and watching, to see where Bronny will play next. While programs like Oregon and Ohio State have been classified as the most likely landing spots for James Jr., there are those who want him to consider playing for the University of Southern California instead.

Nick Young Explains Why Bronny James Should Consider USC

In a chat with TMZ, Nick 'Swaggy P' Young made a pitch to Bronny to sign with his former school. Objectively, he made a pretty convincing case.

Bronny has made it clear he still hasn't committed anywhere, but he seemed to embrace wearing the Scarlet and Grey ... evidenced by how happy he and his parents were during the photoshoot.

Young -- who suited up for the Trojans from 2004-07 -- says he has a better idea in mind for Bronny ... telling us the senior guard should stay close to his second home in sunny California.

“Back home!” Young said. “I went there. Plus, it’s in L.A., it’s in California. Why leave and you already out here comfortable? Dad’s here. Dad can come watch you play. Mom can come watch you play.”

As the son of basketball royalty, it's no surprise that Bronny is already having to deal with a swarm of media attention. Wherever he ends up playing next could have major implications on his own career and the NBA as a whole.

USC may not be Bronny's top choice, but they have an impeccable basketball program that could help take Bronny's game to new heights.

As for LeBron's part, it is no secret that he is aiming to link up with his boys. On a short-term deal, James has set up a path to playing with Bronny for whatever team he gets drafted to. In the meantime, why shouldn't Bronny want to stay close to home?

Ultimately, nobody knows what Bronny's choice will be, and LeBron himself has made it clear that no decision has been reached yet. But James will have his pick of the litter, for sure, and it will be interesting to see which direction he chooses to go.