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Former Laker Says LeBron Needs At Least 3 Titles In LA To Be A Legend

Credit: Fredy Køciangi

Credit: Fredy Køciangi

When it comes to the Los Angeles Lakers franchise, nothing but pure excellence is accepted by everyone within the organization. The Lakers have enjoyed years of sustained success ever since the 1950's-era Lakers led by George Mikan, and with LeBron James ushering in a new era of the purple and gold, championships are again on the menu.

By joining the storied franchise, LeBron will also be hoping to add to his own historic legacy, and gain the admiration of one of the NBA's largest fanbases.

But according to former Laker Devean George, LeBron will need to win three titles with the Lakers if he wants to be immortalized in bronze in front of the Staples Center, via TMZ.

“I think one [championship], I think it would be no consideration. Two, probably no consideration. Three, I think they might be like, ‘Should we talk about it??'”

For almost any other franchise -- save for the Boston Celtics perhaps -- LeBron would get a statue no problem if he brought a title home, but for the Lakers, expectations are entirely different.

James will definitely have his work cut out for him next season if he does hope to win a championship in his first year with LA, as the Golden State Warriors are somehow looking scarier than ever after the acquisition of DeMarcus Cousins.