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Former Michael Jordan's Teammate: 'All The People Who Played With MJ Have Sacrificed Shots'

(via Sole Collector)

(via Sole Collector)

Michael Jeffrey Jordan dominated the basketball court in more ways than one. On the defensive end, there was no challenge he was unwilling to face and he often succeeded in slowing down or outright locking up the fiercest opponents.

Of course, it was on offense where Michael truly perfected his craft. he could shoot inside, outside, off the dribble, on the pull-up, and pretty much everywhere in between. Over the course of his 15-year career, he averaged 30 points, 6 rebounds, and 5.3 assists per game on 49.7% shooting.

But his heroics on that end of the floor often came at the expense of his teammates, who (undoubtedly) had to sacrifice their own game to accommodate Jordan's. Here's what MJ's teammate Craig Hodges said in a Q & A on HoopsHype.

In a different interview, you said it bothered you that MJ called Scottie Pippen “selfish” and blamed Horace Grant for “The Jordan Rules” leaks. What do you make of Jordan taking some shots at his teammates?

CH: Well, once again, I feel like we’ve sacrificed. All the people who played with MJ have sacrificed shots. If you look at the year that he wasn’t there, everybody played and they got to a certain level. They didn’t get over the hump, but they were able to play together and with chemistry that was a lot mellower. When I was young in the league, you would look over your shoulder because you would think the superstar wasn’t pleased with your performance and stuff. And then, as you get older in the league, you look at it and you realize that you have your own personal sovereignty within this thing and you just come and play. When I look at it, a lot of times we can highlight superstars because they have a certain drive that none of us – no other humans – have. But come on, man; it gets to be overbearing and just to a point where you just harp on people because that’s the weak link that you find that you can harp on.

This isn't the first time Hodges spoke up to take a shot at His Airness. He also recently opened up to Fox Sports Radio to complain about how Jordan basically snitched on the team by telling the infamous "cocaine party" story.

The irony is, Jordan was recently voted as a better teammate than LeBron in a recent ESPN poll. This situation kind of challenges that narrative.

On one hand, he motivated and pushed his team in order to bring out the best in his teammates. It resulted in great team chemistry and a roster that was formidable on the basketball court. On the other hand, his teammates often had to make sacrifices to make room for Jordan's game, fame, and popularity all while Michael was dishing out all types of trash talk.

Needless to say, it wasn't easy for everyone.