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Former NBA Bigman Glen Davis Arrested After Apparently Trying To Sell Marijuana

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It's always a shame to see former NBA players doing it tough after leaving the association, but this most recent case has to be up there with some of the worst.

Bigman Glen Davis, who was affectionally known as 'Big Baby' due to his size while in the league, was one of the league's most well-known role players, mainly because of his antics on the court while playing for the Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Clippers. Despite his sometimes bone-headed plays, Davis was still a respectable player, averaging 8 points and 4.4 rebounds over his career, but his latest play may be the most bone-headed of all.

According to reports, Davis was arrested earlier this weekend for what seems to be drug possession and perhaps drug dealing.

"Drug empire" may be exaggerating it a bit, but there is reason to believe Big Baby was selling drugs out of a seedy motel in Maryland. Davis was arrested with over 126 grams of marijuana on his person and a suitcase filled with $92,000 in cash. Both of these together gave officers enough of a reason to be suspicious of Davis, and promptly arrested him. Despite the evidence against him, it doesn't mean Davis is necessarily guilty. 126 grams of marijuana isn't technically all that much -- under 5 ounces -- especially if Glen had friends over, and $92,000 for a player who earned close to $40 million over his entire career in the NBA isn't all that much either. Davis later responded to the charges via an Instagram video where he was on a plane eating fried chicken next to a suitcase full of cash. Of course, he denied everything.

Regardless if Davis is guilty or not, it's probably best if he starts to carry a little less weed and cash on him from here on out.