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Former NBA Coach On LeBron James And Michael Jordan: "LeBron Is Much More Congenial."

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LeBron James isn't like many superstars before him. Despite his sheer dominance and mastery of the game, Bron isn't about showing animosity towards his competitors.

Instead, he often compliments them, praises them, and even befriends them.

All of which, according to former NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy, are things Michael Jordan would have never done.

(via "The Dream Tapes" podcast)

“LeBron James is much more congenial. He tweets to everybody after they make a good shot in a game. He’s just different from Jordan. Sometimes we marginalize his competitiveness because he’s so kind. Jordan, even if he lived in today’s era, he wouldn’t be tweeting, ‘Hey good shot Luka.'” 

Obviously, Bron's cordialness doesn't take away from his competitive spirit. He steps up when he needs to, and almost always delivers for his team. He wants to win, that much is no question.

But James leaves all of that on the court. When the final buzzer sounds, he'll get friendly with anyone, even if they're on the opposing team.

In fact, most of today's stars are the same way, and it has created an interesting dynamic between modern basketball stars.

Ass for whether or not MJ could have adapted to these times in a similar fashion, that's not for us to say. But, judging by history, It probably wouldn't have been his go-to method.