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Former NBA Guard Delonte West Goes Viral For Photo Of BIG3 League Tryout

Delonte West

Former NBA player Delonte West has made waves around the NBA community.

In a post by the official BIG3 Twitter account, fans were shocked to see a photo of the former point guard in full getup during tryouts.

To the uninformed, Delonte West isn't a name that means very much, but his journey is both a tragic tale and an inspiring comeback story.

After 8 successful seasons in the NBA, West retired in 2012 in relative obscurity. But he went viral a few years later after he saw seen getting into a fight in D.C. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning.

Several other sightings would surface of West on the streets and it wasn't long before people figured out he was homeless. LeBron James offered support before Mark Cuban eventually picked him up in Dallas.

He was later involved in a drunken incident with the police, in which he was caught making some wild claims.

Reports came out that Delonte now has a job at the very treatment center where he checked in at. The entire NBA world started to exhale, believing things were getting better for the former player. Then, less than a month ago, Delonte West ended up in the news once again for the wrong reasons.

Delonte was banging on the doors of the Boynton Beach police station in Florida. He held a couple of bottles of beer, and he had Vodka on him.

After the police came outside and restrained him, Delonte would then cuss and harass the police officers. He'd claim to be an undercover agent and Jesus Christ. He also claimed to be better than both Michael Jordan and LeBron James at basketball.

Before long, the Delonte West story was used as proof that even a career in the NBA did not guarantee long-term success.

Now, it looks like things may have turned around for the better. West is obviously healthy enough to try out for the BIG3 league, and he looks healthier than he has looked for a while in the picture.

Needless to say, it's an awesome recovery and a great sight to see. Let's hope he keeps it up and stays off the streets for good.