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Former NBA Hall Of Famer Says Nets, Warriors Could Be Next Season's Preseason NBA Finals Favorite

(via DraftKings Nation)

(via DraftKings Nation)

While all the focus may be on the Orlando restart, there's a lot to look forward to next season. With new storylines, multiple stars returning and a semblance of normalcy to be expected, the 2020-21 season may the best that we've had in a while.

And, according to what one NBA hall of famer told Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson, there may already be favorites.

It makes sense that the Nets would be favored to come out of the East. With Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant projected to be rested and healthy, they have more star-power than anyone in their conference, and, offensively, they will be really tough to beat.

As for the Warriors, the combined powers of Steph, Klay, and Draymond should still be enough to make them title contenders when they're all healthy. It was that core which won the title back in 2015 -- why aren't they capable of doing it again?

No doubt, a series involving those stars (and teams) would be an awesome thing to witness and many storylines would be at play. It's anyone's guess as to how it might end.

But is it fair to teams like the Clippers, Bucks, and Lakers, that two teams who are currently lower than them on the totem pole are considered favorites to win it all? Make of it as you will, but it will be up to them to prove that Hall of Famer (and anyone else who agrees with him) wrong.