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Former NBA Player Royce White Takes A Shot At LeBron James: "Go To Akron. March With The People. Stay There Until Something Really Changes, If They Choose To Be Violent, Let Your Body Lay There When It's Over."

(via ABC)

(via ABC)

Everybody has an opinion now about what the league should do and how players should act in order to make a real change in their communities. Former NBA player Royce White is the last name on that list after he tried to explain why Draymond Green stating players should stay in the bubble after the boycott while also taking shots at the Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

Royce claimed that the players shouldn’t have ended their protest and return to the court just like that. He was a very critic of the stance Draymond and LeBron had, saying everybody should have left the bubble when they had the chance.

Via TMZ:

Ex-NBA player Royce White says his friend Draymond Green is just wrong to say NBA players should continue the playoffs … explaining why the right move is for everyone to exit the bubble ASAP!!…

“He’s mistaken, he’s off the path with that,” White said about Draymond … “This is not about awareness campaigns anymore. Report to the front lines. If you can’t report to the front lines, then send aid…

White also had advice for LeBron James — “Go to Akron Ohio. March with the people. Stay there until something really changes, and If they choose to be all the way violent, let your body be laying in the street when it’s over."

After the Milwaukee Bucks boycotted Game 5 of their first-round series against the Orlando Magic, the league officers, owners and players agreed to be more involved in social justice reform, which is the first step to do more meaningful things in the future.

It is a good start, yes, but White doesn't believe the players did the right thing coming back that fast. He believes they could do something more before agreeing to return to the court.