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Former NFL Linebacker Bryan Urlacher Calls Out NBA Players For Boycotting



On Wednesday, NBA players decided to take a major stand against police brutality and racial injustice by boycotting the scheduled playoff games, making statements to support the black community, and demanding change to combat systematic racism.

And while their cause is just, not everyone agrees with how it was implemented.

Clearly, former NFL linebacker Bryan Ulrancher falls in this group, as he sent out a rather blunt message to his followers on Instagram:

"Brett Favre played the MNF game the day his dad died, threw 4 TDs in the first half, and was legendary for playing in the face of adversity.

NBA players boycott the playoffs because a dude reaching for a knife, wanted on a felony sexual assault warrant, was shot by police."

Despite Jacob Blake's (the black man who was recently shot by police in Wisconsin) history, being shot seven times in the back seem does seem a bit excessive and, frankly, unnecessary. Certainly, human life deserves more discretion and care, especially by those we call on to protect us. As for what Favre's performance has to do with the whole situation, that's one even the fans couldn't quite figure out.

Obviously there have been questions and doubts about how and why the NBA players decided to boycott so suddenly and then (reportedly) return to action just two days after. Like it or not, a lot of the objections are reasonable. What were they trying to accomplish? What was the plan? Will they do more for the cause than simply not play a few basketball games?

However justified the cause was, the execution of it doesn't seem very well thought out -- at least on the surface.

Still, regardless of the imperfections, one has to respect the players for speaking out and taking action for what they believe in. In today's crazy times, it seems the world could use some more people who use their platforms for good.