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Former OKC Teammate Describes What Went Wrong Between KD And Russ


It’s been two full seasons since we last saw Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook take the court together for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Obviously, since then, a whole slew of information has been released regarding the pair’s apparent fractured relationship.

But perhaps the most interesting bit of info about the two has come most recently by former OKC forward, Anthony Morrow. Here’s what he said:

(via Ben Stinar):

During his tenure in Oklahoma City, Morrow also spent time with Kevin Durant and of course, Westbrook. Durant famously left for the Golden State Warriors in free agency … just a month or so after the Thunder lost to the Warriors in the Western Conference finals.

‘I feel like they outgrew each other,” Morrow said of Westbrook and Durant. “They tried it for 10 years; they went to the Finals. I tell them all the time after the fact. … I think they just outgrew each other in terms of their personalities and their games.’

He added that Durant and Westbrook are back to being friends again, and the whole thing was never personal.

According to Morrow, the whole “Russ vs KD” rivalry is overblown.

It was never personal, it was never spiteful. Rather, the two had just outgrown each other.

It didn’t work, and that’s perfectly okay.