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Former PGA Champion Explains How To Beat Michael Jordan

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Michael Jordan's love for golf is not a secret. The Chicago Bulls legend has several passions other than basketball and golf is one of them. He's been playing the sport for several decades now and has created some friendships with professional golfers who don't doubt to beat him whenever they have the chance.

For instance, Keegan Bradley recently talked about the keys to beat MJ. He's played golf with His Airness a lot of times, discovering how to defeat one of the most competitive athletes in the world of sports.

“The thing with MJ is, if you can get him down, you’ve got to beat him,” Bradley said, in a recent interview with “If you get him riled up, just like all this Last Dance and stuff, if you start talking and he gets excited and starts pressing you, he gets you uncomfortable.

“You’ve got to get him down. Whenever I get him down, I don’t say much. I just go about my business.”

Bradley talks about MJ's passion for golf, something that he admires about the NBA GOAT.

“There’s no one that loves golf more than MJ,” Bradley said. “He plays 36 holes pretty much every day of his life. He loves to go out and play a match, joke around on the course. He’s someone I can text and lean on for advice. He’s just the greatest guy. He’s nice to my friends. He’s nice to people that walk up to him. He’s nice to people at restaurants.”

Keegan is well aware of who he is facing on the course, but he's not afraid of the challenge.