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Former Rival Kerry Kittle Lauds Kobe Bryant's Mentality: "I Think He Had No Weaknesses. And He Was Tenacious, He Wanted To Score On You Every Possession."

Jay Williams Asked Kobe Bryant About What Motivated Him To Keep Working Hard: "I Wanted You To Know That It Doesn't Matter How Hard You Work, That I'm Willing To Work Harder Than You"

Kobe Bryant will be remembered as one of the hardest competitors in NBA history. His work ethic was unmatched, as the Los Angeles Lakers legend always tried to reach the next level on the court. 

The Black Mamba finished his career with five championships, leaving a huge legacy that will never be forgotten. Kobe's mindset was different, as he always showed during his time in the league. 

It's not a secret that he tried to emulate Michael Jordan and did it to some extent. He modeled his game after the Chicago Bulls legend and adopted his mentality, trying to destroy rivals every game. 

Kerry Kittles, whose career is linked with Kobe's, recently talked about the Black Mamba, praising his mentality during the time they compete against each other in the association. 

“I would say, yeah I just want to go Kobe Bryant in my opinion, in my humble opinion. Of all those great players, the Paul Pierce and all those guys were great players, he was just that much more exceptional of a talent. I think he had no weaknesses. And he was tenacious, he wanted to score on you every possession. I tell the story guarding Kobe. I was guarding him one time, and he took a shot and he missed the shot. And he is calling for the ball. They get the offensive rebound and then he is calling for the ball as if he just never took the previous shot.”

The New Jersey Nets selected Kittles as the 8th overall pick in the 1996 draft. John Calipari would admit he was enamored with Kobe's skillset, but they felt Kerry was a better fit for them. 

They clashed several times during Kittles' 8-year tenure in the league, and no doubt Kobe had an extra motivation whenever he faced him. He left a big mark on the game and those who played with or against him. Even the people who had beef with him had the utmost respect for Kobe, and that's how you know how great this man was.