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Former Rockets Swingman Chandler Parsons Fires Back At The Haters: "I Would Rather Be Criticized And Overpaid Than Underpaid And Praised."

Chandler Parsons

Former NBA forward Chandler Parsons may not be in the league anymore, but it doesn't mean he's afraid to battle it out with his haters and critics on Twitter. The 33-year-old Florida native was recently asked to address all the criticisms about his career, which ended in an underwhelming way after nine seasons.

According to him, he's okay with all the noise and hate that comes with being overpaid because he has already secured the bag:

that just comes with it, id rather be overpaid and criticized than underpaid and praised. short window, make your bread.

It's an interesting perspective from Parsons, who has been going at the fans all week long. On Monday, he cleverly laid out what he did with all of the money he "stole" from his playing days.

A fan online mockingly asked Chandler Parsons what he has done with the money he 'stole' from the NBA during his career, suggesting that he didn't deserve the money he made during his stint. Parsons hilariously responded with just two words, noting that his finances have only improved, while not giving any direct response to the fan for undermining him.

"Doubled it," Parsons said.

During the 2013-14 season, Chandler Parsons was a borderline All-Star for the Rockets, averaging 16.6 points per game as a starter.

That summer, he had roped the Rockets into giving him a $98 million contract and he was out to earn every penny of it.

"The signing of Dwight Howard was nuts," said Parsons explaining his contract. "Dwight, we had the same agent. I was a second-round pick and had a 4-year deal but the fourth year was a team option. At this point I'm starting, I'm averaging like 17, I'm going. And my agent said 'they're gonna pick up the fourth year why wouldn't they? You're owed like $920,000 which is a huge bargain for them. I end up hiring Dan Fagen, the only reason because he said 'I can get you out of that fourth year.' And no one else could. How he did it is he basically used leverage. He went to the GM, he went to the owners and said 'I'll get you Dwight Howard, but you're not picking up Parsons' contract. So instead of getting paid $920k I got bumped to a max and we got Dwight Howard. Agents get you paid but Dan Fagan got you overpaid."

Unfortunately, injuries derailed his career and Parsons went from one of the brightest up-and-coming wing players in basketball to a guy who struggled to stay in the rotation. 

Today, even though his basketball career is essentially over, Parsons has found peace. He is content with his life, has been responsible with his earnings, and is confident enough in his position to stick it to the haters on social media. Kudos to him for making the best of his situation.