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Former Spur Bruce Bowen Has Roasted Kawhi Leonard Over Trade Rumors

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

When you start annoying the past players of your franchise with your behavior, you know things are getting especially bad.

By now, there's bound to be a few people out there who are sick and tired of hearing that Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio, a story which has been hanging around all season long, and only recently picked up traction during the offseason, making it headline news for the past two weeks or so.

Former San Antonio Spur Bruce Bowen is one of those people, and after an appearance on Sirius XM NBA Radio Thursday night, the 8-time All-Defensive teamer had some harsh words for Leonard and his handling of the situation.

"There's nothing but excuses going on...first, it was, 'Well I was misdiagnosed.' Look here: You got $18 million this year, and you think that they're trying to rush you? You didn't play for the most part a full season this year. And you're the go-to guy, you're the franchise, and you want to say that they didn't have your best interest at heart? Are you kidding me?"

On top of that, Bowen has also become irritated with Kawhi's quiet demeanor, once thought of as a positive, defining trait of his. But in a situation like this, the fact that we haven't heard a single word from Leonard this entire time is cause for concern.

"Not one time has Kawhi come out and said anything to the effect of, 'You know what, hey, I really enjoy being in San Antonio.' Or, 'I can't stand what's going on here in San Antonio,' " Bowen said. "Not one time has he said anything."

Even though the Spurs have publically stated that they will try everything in their power to keep Leonard in San Antonio, things are beginning to get out of hand, and it's hard to see the relationship between Kawhi and the Spurs return to what it once was.