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Formula 1 Legend Lewis Hamilton Calls Michael Jordan One Of His Heroes

Formula 1 Legend Lewis Hamilton Calls Michael Jordan One Of His Heroes

The eyes of the entire world were on Miami this weekend as the Miami Grand Prix was taking place there. A who's who of celebrities and legends were at the event.

Sports fans were treated to a legendary picture featuring Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, David Beckham, and Lewis Hamilton, 4 athletes who dominated their sport and became household names. And Lewis Hamilton has shown his respect for Michael Jordan.

Lewis Hamilton, considered by many to be the greatest Formula 1 driver of all time, put up a picture on social media of his father and Michael Jordan. Hamilton noted in the post that the two men are his heroes.

Hamilton is very close to his father, but clearly has an incredible amount of respect for Michael Jordan, a man who inspired many of the greatest athletes in the world today with his legendary play during his NBA career.


"Two of my heroes."

Michael Jordan redefined the world of sports during his time in the NBA. To say that Jordan revolutionized the NBA would be an understatement, as Jordan made the entire sports world more lucrative with the level of crossover appeal he held as an athlete.

Many fans consider Michael Jordan the greatest athlete in the history of sports. And considering what he was able to achieve, there is a strong case to be made. Jordan's influence on many modern-day athletes is there for all to see.

A lot of athletes across sports have been able to sign long-term lucrative contracts as brand ambassadors because of Jordan.

The success MJ had in helping launch Nike as a sports brand is unprecedented, and is one of the major reasons why Nike is the most valuable sports brand in the entire world. MJ will forever be an icon to athletes all over the world.