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Frank Vogel Claims Lakers Are Optimistic Despite Record: "We Have A Chance To Do Something Special This Year."

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LeBron James Calls Win Over Celtics 'One Of The Best Games Of The Season' For The Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have been a disappointing team this year. Many expected them to be a team that is contending for the championship, rather than languishing as the 8th seed in the Western Conference. The team's performances have been inconsistent, and there's no doubt that they have struggled at times this year.

Despite the challenges that they've faced this year, it seems as though the Los Angeles Lakers still believe in their current roster. Frank Vogel has recently stated that the Lakers have "a chance to do something special" and still believe in what they're "building", though he admitted that they weren't where they wanted to be in terms of regular-season record.

Vogel said they’ve been seeing growth of late, especially with smaller lineups, that take a lot of detail to develop. They’re clearly not where they want to be record wise, but: “We believe in what we’re building. We believe we have a chance to do something special this year.”

There is no question that on paper, the Los Angeles Lakers are a talented team. They have two players who are superstars in Anthony Davis and LeBron James, and another All-Star level player in Russell Westbrook. They also have stellar shooters like Malik Monk and Carmelo Anthony. While no one would fault the team for making a trade prior to the deadline due to their record, they definitely have a lot of good players on the roster. Perhaps they need just a little bit more time to build chemistry with one another.

We will see what happens with the Los Angeles Lakers going forward. LeBron James has still been playing at a superstar level, and we know that he can take a team to the Finals with the right personnel surrounding him. Many have stated that the Lakers could put things together and go on a run, but it seems like a difficult task given that they have the most difficult schedule in the league post-Christmas day. However, nothing is impossible and perhaps we'll see the Lakers vault upwards in the standings in the future.