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Frank Vogel On LeBron James, Anthony Davis: ‘They’re The Two Best Players I’ll Ever Coach’

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

This upcoming NBA season is set to be a very exciting one for the Los Angeles Lakers and their head coach is well aware of that. Frank Vogel signed with the Purple and Gold in the offseason and hasn’t stopped showing his excitement for this new project.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis will lead the way for the Californians, who are facing big expectations, just like their new head coach. During a recent Q&A interview with, Vogel discussed the biggest challenges of the season, especially how he will approach AD and LBJ, two of the best players on earth.

"Talent-wise, they’re the two best players I’ll ever have had the opportunity to coach. That brings a lot of fun, a lot of excitement to what we’re able to do on the court," Vogel said. "It brings a lot of challenges too. You have to make sure you’re managing them the right way and putting them in the right positions to feel good about their roles and what’s happening around them. There are challenges involved with that. So I’m looking forward to how that all is going to play out."

He then went on to explain that he’s ready for whatever challenge next season brings to him and the team, claiming that he’s confident in his players despite the high expectations.

"We have the pieces to compete for a championship. To have expectations that it’s all going to come together immediately might be reaching a little bit," Vogel said. "I’m sure we’ll have some bumps in the road. But hopefully as these guys gel … we have a number of guys with terrific resumes, but they have to learn each other. And they’ll have to learn each other quickly.

"Then we’ll be in the mix for the regular season and positioning ourselves for a playoff run. You just never know how quickly that process is going to play out. So hopefully, whatever the regular season looks like, by the time you get into the playoffs you’re gelling at the right time and playing your best basketball."

The Lakers are considered the biggest favorites to claim the NBA title next season alongside the Los Angeles Clippers. Vogel knows this and he will try to get the best out of his players, trying to take the Purple and Gold to the promised land after several years of failures.

Fair enough, counting with LeBron James and Anthony Davis makes things a lot easier for the coach.