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Frank Vogel On Phil Jackson: “I’ve Always Studied And Admired His Approach. I Consider Him The GOAT Of NBA Coaches.”


Phil Jackson is the winningest coach of all time. With 11 rings under his belt (6 with the Bulls, and 5 with the Lakers), you could argue he's one of the most brilliant masterminds in the history of this sport.

He bought in Tex Winter's triangle offense and completely changed the way the game was played. Also, he was the man behind the scenes during Michael Jordan's and Kobe Bryant's rise to stardom.

But besides his craft as a tactician, Jackson was an outstanding people-manager. He truly cared and tried to understand and reach every guy he had on his team. It was that kind of bond he built with the players that made them buy into his philosophy and be willing to go to war for him if needed.

That's why Frank Vogel thinks he's the greatest coach of all time, as recently reported by ESPN's Ramona Shelbourne:

“I’ve always studied and admired his approach. I consider him the GOAT of NBA coaches,” Vogel claimed.

Jackson sure can make a case for himself as the best coach ever. His .704 winning percentage is the highest ever, even ahead of legends of the game like Gregg Popovich, Red Auerbach, or Pat Riley.

Of course, you could argue that he had the privilege and honor to coach arguably the top two players to ever set foot on an NBA hardwood in Jordan and Bryant, but one's thing is having the talent at your disposal and another thing is making the most of them. Helping them understand that talent isn't everything and that they need to play as a unit if they want to achieve greatness.

Jackson spent 20 years in the sidelines and won the NBA Championship in more than half of his seasons as a coach. That's just unprecedented and not likely to be matched ever again in the history of this sport.