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Frank Vogel On The Lakers Blowing Big Leads: "There Was Just Too Much Of A Casualness To Our Approach."

Frank Vogel On The Lakers Blowing Big Leads: "There Was Just Too Much Of A Casualness To Our Approach."

The Los Angeles Lakers have had one big problem this season: they can't seem to keep a lead.

Multiple times over the past 20+ games, the Purple and Gold have choked away games they were winning and it has many fans concerned.

Speaking to reporters, Lakers head coach Frank Vogel addressed that issue and offered his perspective on why the team has developed the habit of letting their opposition mount crazy comebacks.

One of the biggest flaws with the Lakers roster is their age. Their core group of players involves many guys who are deep into their 30s and the numbers are revealing what kind of impact that is having on the group's overall play.

The Lakers' offense is first in the league in time spent walking at 68%. They also cover 9.3 miles per distance, the 2nd worst in the league.

Despite the concerning numbers, not all hope is lost.

Their game against the Thunder on Friday marked their first truly dominant win in a long time, and it could be the point that turns them around.

If not, who is to say the Lakers won't make a run later on?

"If they're healthy, I have a hard time seeing this Lakers team not being a top-four team. Hard time," said Antonio Daniels. "If your main two guys, as in LeBron and Anthony Davis are healthy...You could easily see this team putting it together for 10 or 11 games, and going 9-2 or 10-1. Easily. I have a hard time seeing this team whole and healthy going 2-9 or 1-10 though. I don't see that."

Many key Lakers players have missed time this season, including LeBron James himself.

With health on their side and some more time to get right, the Lakers might just shock everyone and climb back up the standings. But to really prove themselves as contenders, they're going to have to get better at closing games and keeping their leads.