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Frank Vogel Says LeBron James Is The Best Passer In History

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LeBron James is one of the best basketball minds in the game. He is an adept scorer, but his main weapon is his playmaking, with which he sets teammates up over and over again. LeBron James's ability to pass the ball is extraordinary: while he isn't as flashy of a passer as others in the league, he still gets the job done.

After the recent game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Indiana Pacers, Lakers' coach Frank Vogel dubbed LeBron James the best passer in NBA history. While there are obviously other passers in the league that are worthy of that honor, LeBron James is a candidate simply due to how effective he is when passing the ball.

The Los Angeles Lakers star has often been compared to another Lakers legend, Magic Johnson. While LeBron James is often viewed as a forward and Magic Johnson a point guard, there are some distinct similarities between the two. Magic Johnson was a point guard with the build of a forward, and he was able to play multiple positions on the court. LeBron James is similar in the sense that he is also a multi-positional player who can facilitate for his teammates. Magic Johnson is certainly one of the people that are on par, if not better than LeBron James in the passing department.

Frank Vogel has good reason to believe that LeBron James is the best passer to have ever existed. LeBron James is a candidate to be the GOAT, and his playmaking is his best asset, so saying that he's the best passer isn't that controversial. Regardless of who one has as their best passer of all time, LeBron James is certainly in the conversation.