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Fred VanVleet Takes A Shot At Russell Westbrook For Failing To Secure Triple-Double: "My Teammates Don’t Give Me The Westbrook Treatment..."

Lakers Assistant Coach Says Russell Westbrook Needs To Slow Down A Little Bit: "He Was Probably Moving Too Fast Or Trying To Press When Things Aren’t There."

Russell Westbrook may get criticized for his poor shooting and turnover-heavy playstyle, but he's the king when it comes to triple-doubles.

As the NBA's all-time leader in that category, he knows how to fill a stat sheet better than anyone else in the league.

Following his own failed attempt at securing a triple-double on Saturday (he was three rebounds short), Fred VanVleet made a rather interesting reference to Westbrook in the post-game interview. Speaking to the media, he joked that he would have to get on his teammates for not getting out of the way.

“My teammates don’t give me the Westbrook treatment and get out the way so I’m gonna have to have a word with them.” 

He later denied that he tried to get back into the game to secure that elusive milestone.

"I was not. I had the opportunity, but knowing my luck I'd get a minor injury trying to chase down a rebound."

No matter how VanVleet feels about Westbrook, his comments do summarize how a lot of people feel about his game. Despite the amazing statistical numbers, he is often seen as a detriment to his team.

His shortcomings in the playoffs have also significantly hurt the public's perception.

“It’s not about the triple-doubles no more," said Kendrick Perkins. "Can you turn the damn corner and win basketball games. Can you cut down on the turnovers and win basketball games. Can you go out there and lead a team, be the ultimate floor general and win basketball games. When you look at Russ, and you look at CP3 that’s the difference. CP3, he goes out there and he wins basketball games.”

Westbrook, 33, is in his 14th season in the NBA. Through 30 games so far, he is averaging 19.4 points, 8.3 assists, and 7.7 rebounds per game on 45% shooting.

Today, he continues to demonstrate his amazing talent on a nightly basis.

But, until he captures a title, his impact will always be questioned and he will always be on the receiving end of some rather brutal jokes.