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Gary Payton II Says Steph Curry Was Asking Teammates Questions To Complete His College Assignments During The Season

Steph Curry

Steph Curry seems to be getting better and better as the playoffs go on. Curry was again stellar in Game 2 against the Dallas Mavericks on Friday night. The Warriors mounted an amazing comeback in the second half after being down 14 points halfway through the game, and Curry sunk some insanely clutch shots to protect the lead once they got it. 

But one of the bigger stories around Curry in recent weeks hasn't even been related to the NBA. Curry completed his final semester at Davidson College parallel to this season and managed to get his diploma while leading the Warriors to be up 2-0 in the Western Conference Finals. 

And now, Gary Payton II has revealed a really fun tidbit about the process of Steph completing his degree, explaining that Steph was doing assignments during the season where he had to interview his teammates to complete parts of his coursework. Fans were fascinated to learn this, with many marveling that Steph has been able to do all this while playing at the highest level:

"30 was really out there doing assignments while dropping 30+ on opposing teams throughout the season."

"You do the homework last night Steph?" "Nah I had a semi-conference finals game yesterday teach 🙂."

"Imagine seeing Stephen Curry in your canvas discussion board."

"You telling me steph was dropping 60 on your favorite team while writing essays."

"No wonder Steph had a subpar season. He had homework assignments due lol."

"Ahhhh no wonder he has been off! Bro was multitasking!"

"I feel like this explains things now."

"Is there any way Steph can be even more likeable than he is?"

"Oh man, I knew Steph Curry was just like me."

"Look at Curry, man. So inspirational."

"Steph is just not real at this point, man."

If Curry can get his 4th ring in the same season while completing his degree, it might just be one of the more unexpectedly impressive achievements in history. The Warriors are just 2 wins away from moving on to the NBA Finals and the way they're rolling at the minute, no one is likely to bet against them making it.