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George Floyd Was Reportedly The Biggest LeBron James Fan

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

George Floyd's death once again brought racial injustice to the public eye, but this time, the impact of a black person was worldwide. 18 countries joined the US in protests against racial inequality and police brutality. One of the biggest voices of this fight is LeBron James, who has been very outspoken about racial injustices and became a lead voice after Floyd's death.

Curiously, Floyd was reportedly a huge LeBron fan, according to his nephew, who recalled his uncle's admiration for Bron in Floyd’s memorial on Thursday, telling the story of how the Cleveland Cavaliers comeback against the Golden State Warriors in the 2016 Finals made Floyd extremely happy.

“He (George) was the biggest LeBron James fan,” mentioned Brandon Williams, via Essentially Sports.

“Cavaliers came back on the Golden State Warriors during the Finals, and I remember the very first phone call,” Williams remembered. “I told him, ‘You’re too happy. You sound like you won a championship.'”

To this, Floyd replied, “Man, you know how I feel about LeBron. I did win a championship.”

After that moment, the joke was a regular thing for them, with Floyd always remembering how he felt when Bron did the unthinkable against Golden State.

"Every time we would talk, I would ask him, ‘How you doin’ man? You good?’ And he (George) would say, ‘I feel like I just won a championship,'" Williams added.

Bron has been speaking out about Floyd's death and how things need to change for everybody before it's too late. He's one of the most active voices against racism and police brutality following the death of his fan. This is not the way he'd like things to happen, but Bron is returning all the love and respect he received from Floyd.