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George Gervin On Stephen Curry: "He's An Entertainer... You Can See That Love For The Game."

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Stephen Curry has led the Golden State Warriors to a 14-2 record, best in the NBA. The Golden State Warriors are currently doing well even without Klay Thompson, and a large part of that is due to Stephen Curry's impact. He is a superstar that gives teammates more space to operate due to his stellar shooting, and it's clear that the Warriors are playing with different energy this season.

Spurs legend George Gervin has recently lauded Stephen Curry's style of play while calling the superstar point guard "an entertainer". It is clear that Stephen Curry is a fan favorite, and that his 3PT heavy style has been a hit with many different audiences. He has even gotten MVP chants in opposing arenas this year.

He's an entertainer... He has a passion for putting that ball in the hole. He has that confidence. He's had to work at it to accomplish it... You can see that love for the game. It's shown in their play. Steph is one of those guys that I really enjoy watching play. He can give you something different to see every game, and there's 82 games in the year. That's pretty special.

There's no question that to play the way that Stephen Curry does, one has to "work at it" like Gervin mentions. He didn't just magically become the best shooter in the world, nor was he a superstar when he came into the league. You can see the progression in his game from his rookie year to now.

The Golden State Warriors will hope that Stephen Curry keeps up his MVP-caliber play for the entire season, but if last season is any indication, we'll see some great performances from the two-time MVP. While he missed out on the award last year, it is quite possible that he ends up winning it this year, and many curren