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George Karl Savagely Laughs At Comparison Of Prime DeMarcus Cousins To Joel Embiid And Nikola Jokic

karl boogie

George Karl isn't done with DeMarcus Cousins. The former head coach and the player have had beef since they were together in Sacramento, with Karl trying to trade Boogie. 

They have exchanged jabs in recent years, with Karl taking advantage of social media to blast his former player. Recently, The Hoop Central compared prime Cousins to Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokic, asking fans to rank them 1-3. 

While fans ranked them and engaged in debates about these three centers, Karl couldn't help but laugh, showing how serious he takes Boogie's talents and career. He used a laughing emoji, which is enough to understand his opinion on this matter. 

After all these years, one would think Karl is over this beef, but that's not happening. The 70-year-old knows how to use social media, and he never misses a chance to diss Cousins. 

After getting bought out by the Houston Rockets, the big man finished an entertaining season with the Los Angeles Clippers. He'll try to get another deal this summer after showing good things with the Clips.