Giannis Antetokounmpo Finally Wants To Defend Kevin Durant: "I Want To Take The Challenge"

giannis kd g

After receiving plenty of criticism from his NBA peers and the fans, Giannis Antetokounmpo made up his mind and wants to go against Kevin Durant in Game 6 of the Milwaukee Bucks-Brooklyn Nets series. 

The Greek Freak was under fire after leaving that job to Khris Middleton and PJ Tucker, although he was an All-Defensive First Team this season. This raised many eyebrows around the league, with fans and players blasting the 2x NBA MVP for his performance on Tuesday night. 

After the game, Antetokounmpo was inquired about this. He made it clear that he'd love to guard Durant in Game 6, but also mentioned that if the coach wanted him to take that responsibility, he'd do it. 

"I want to take on the challenge," he told reporters after Game 5. "I would love to go into Game 6 being able to guard him and if coach wants me to do that, I'm ready for it."

Bucks fans hope this decision doesn't come too late and the Nets steal Game 6 to secure their participation in the ECF. Gary Payton believes he guarded Michael Jordan too late in the 1996 NBA Finals, hurting the Seattle Supersonics' chances to win the title that year. 

Giannis will try to prevent a similar situation this Thursday. Yet, if KD is inspired, there won't be much to do for the Greek Freak to stop Durantula.