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Giannis Antetokounmpo Reveals He Visited A Sports Psychiatrist During Championship Run

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Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the most humble and down-to-earth people you could find in the sports business.

He's open, honest, and hasn't let fame and fortune change him a bit. He's not afraid to talk about his life and his struggles, and that's why he's been so beloved and relatable thus far.

In fact, Giannis made great strides as an advocate for mental health. He recently admitted that he had to visit a sports psychiatrist to deal with fear and anxiety during the Milwaukee Bucks' championship run:

“I was talking with a sports psychiatrist every day, he helped me be myself. The free throws were a mental issue and I want to continue like this in the next season. And I want to see if we can repeat this as a team. I want to see if we can do it again, myself, my teammates, the owners, everyone," Giannis said, as reported by Revolt TV.

Sports psychology and psychiatry can be huge tools for players, even if they're not dealing with issues. So it's nice to see a superstar like Giannis try and shut down that stigma once and for all.

Giannis' work ethic and desire to be better have made him one of the most impactful players of all time. Even so, he's still far from satisfied:

“I am Giannis,” he said. "But calling me MVP, calling me champ, calling me the best player in the world, is something that might hold me back. And I don’t want anything holding me back. I want to look forward and be better.”

Hopefully, Giannis' words will encourage more people to seek help. No one has to deal with their demons alone and there will always be specialists who can help out.

Clearly, it worked out pretty well for the Greek Freak.