Giannis Antetokounmpo Shares A Crazy Story From His Rookie Season: "Every Road Trip They Buy A PS4 And Leave It In The Hotel."


Giannis Antetokounmpo has lived incredible moments during his NBA career. He didn't start his career as the most hyped player of all, but still, he worked his way to the top of the league. 

The Greek Freak saw how crazy things can get in the league when he was a rookie. In an old interview, Giannis was asked about the most curious thing a teammate did with their money, revealing how easy they gave up $500 and more (3:38).

"Caron Butler gave me $500 to just buy a package of gum and Mountain Dew. It's like soda," the player said. "I've seen other guys that, whenever we travel, we make like 40 travels a year. Every road trip, they buy like a PS4 and leave it in the hotel. I think it's $300-$350, it's like nothing for them. So they buy one, they leave it there. Next road trip, they buy another one and leave it there." 

That's just crazy to think for the average person. Imagine buying 40 PS4s in one year. Still, as Giannis said, $300-$350 is nothing for millionaire NBA players. At least the people who found the consoles were happy, so this isn't necessarily a bad story. 

It's unclear if Giannis adopted these moves now that he's an 8-year veteran with the Milwaukee Bucks. We know that he orders a lot of chicken nuggets now, but the explanation for that is much better.