Giannis Antetokounmpo's Blog Post From 2013 Is Truly Inspiring: "I Was Wondering If They Would Send Me To The D-League."

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Giannis Antetokounmpo's Blog Post From 2013 Is Truly Inspiring- "I Was Wondering If They Would Send Me To The D-League."

It's July 22nd, 2021, and Giannis Antetokounmpo stands as a 2x MVP, 5x All-Star, NBA Champion, and Finals MVP. He's just 26-years-old.

While we all know who and what he is today, that wasn't always the case.

The Greek Freak did not enter the draft as a premier prospect, and nobody thought of him as a future MVP. After being picked up by the Bucks in 2013, not even Giannis knew what was in store.

"When they decided to sign me I was wondering if they would send me to the D-League," Giannis wrote back in 2013. "And when they decided to keep me I wondered if I would get game time. And then when I played, I wanted more. With all that's happened these last few months I've come to realize, more and more, that I belong here."

With the last name Americans can hardly pronounce, and a rather quiet, laid-back personality, it took a while before people started to notice and recognize Giannis as the star he would become.

 Of course, in 2013, the Bucks were nothing more than a blip on the map of a league that was ruled largely by LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and a magical Spurs dynasty.

Over the years, Antetokounmpo would improve his game gradually, slowly adding more to his bag both offensively and on defense as well. He got more minutes, more opportunities, and eventually proved he was among basketball's most elite.

Considering all Giannis has done now, it's kind of cool to look back to see how far he has come. It makes it even more impressive when you consider that the guy never once asked for a trade or left the Bucks to team up with superstars.

He did it the hard way, and that's seriously something to be proud of.