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Giannis Drafted Kemba Walker Over James Harden In The All Star Draft Because He Wanted Someone Who Would Pass But Kemba Finished The Game With 3 Less Assists Than Harden

(via For The Win - USA Today)

(via For The Win - USA Today)

Is there beef between Giannis and James Harden?

Giannis chose Kemba Walker over him in the draft because he wanted someone who could "pass," then elbowed Harden in the face on a questionable play during the game, and then (after the game) said his strategy, in the end, was to go iso with whoever James Harden was guarding.


It's becoming an interesting dynamic between the two, and one that is still developing.

But last night, Harden won the war despite losing the early battles. Not only did his team come out with the win, but he finished the game with more assists than Kemba, despite being overlooked because he "didn't pass the ball."

Furthermore, it was Harden who played exceptional defense down the stretch and made it tough for Team Giannis to score. He finished with 11 points, 6 assists, 1 steal, and 2 blocks while Walker finished with 23 points and just 3 assists.

Indeed, the Beard was the one who got the last laugh.

Whatever is going on between Giannis and Harden, it's making for some interesting battles.

As for James Harden, in particular, his reputation as a below-average defender and ball-stopper continues to be the narrative. And as Houston continues their run for a Championship, Harden will continue to drown out the noise and lead his team to an elite record.