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Giannis Is Adding A New Element To His Game, And We Should All Be Scared


Already, Giannis Antetokounmpo is considered a Top 10 NBA talent. He can finish around the rim, block any shot that comes his way, and has a certain level of athleticism that sparks his team to life.

Yet, even with as talented as he is, there's a glaring hole in his game: shooting.

Take Giannis out beyond the arc, and he suddenly becomes about as useless as a fifth leg on a table.

Good news is, Giannis is planning on changing that. In a sit-down with the Bucks media, the Greek Freak talked (among other things) about his revamped three-point shooting ability.

If he isn't bluffing, then Giannis might be the front-runner for this season's MVP.

If he plugs the only flaw in his game, nobody will be able to stop him. Then, it'll really be time to Fear the Deer...