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Giannis Is Having A Similar Career To LeBron James In The NBA Almost Exactly 10 Years Apart

Giannis Is Having A Similar Career To LeBron James In The NBA Almost Exactly 10 Years Apart

Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James are two of the best players in the NBA right now. LeBron still holds the title of the best player in the world and it's unclear when he will pass that torch but Giannis is one of the candidates to become the face of the league once the King steps aside. If you take a look at the careers these two have had, so it wouldn't be crazy that after Bron is retired, Giannis will be the ruler of the league.

The similarities between these two are too big to ignore. If you want a natural heir to Bron, Giannis appears to be a great option. One Redditor called 'CH0S3N-0NE' pointed out how LeBron and Giannis have done and gone through the same things with almost 10 years of difference.

LeBron born December 1984, Giannis born December 1994

LeBron drafted June 2003, Giannis drafted June 2013

LeBron’s first MVP season & year as #1 seed 2009, Giannis did this 2019

Lebron losing in Conference Finals his first MVP season while being #1 seed 2009, Giannis 2019 (both lost 4-2)

LeBron 2nd MVP season & year as #1 seed 2010, Giannis 2nd MVP season & year as #1 seed 2020

LeBron losing in ECSF his 2nd MVP season as #1 seed 2010, and it looks like Giannis will do this in 2020.

This is pretty interesting actually, but to make things better, Giannis could leave the Bucks to join the Miami Heat, just like LeBron did in 2010. This postseason hasn't been the best for Giannis, who is on the verge of getting swept, curiously by the Miami Heat.

He is only 26. He is still young and still has a lot of room to improve his game, but it doesn't seem like the team or the coach will bring the best help for Giannis. He's been linked with several teams even before the start of the season, starting from the Heat, the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors.

Perhaps that will be another coincidence between Giannis and LeBron, how they left their original team in the NBA to join forces with other players to win a ring. It looks like the clock is ticking for the Bucks.