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Giannis On Coronavirus: "Basketball Becomes Secondary"

(via International Business Times)

(via International Business Times)

As sports organizations around the globe suspend play in the wake of the Coronavirus, Giannis Antetokounmpo understands the urgency of what is now being called an epidemic.

On Twitter, the reigning MVP urged everyone to take the threat seriously and wash their hands.

Obviously this situation goes beyond basketball and kudos to Giannis for expressing that. As the virus goes global, thousand of people are at risk while thousands more fight for their lives.

While it sucks that we won't see the NBA for quite some time, postponing games indefinitely was the right response by Adam Silver and the league front-office.

The biggest concern for Corona remains its alarming contagiousness. Often infected individuals won't show signs until days after they've already spread it to others. Both Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert tested positive despite feeling relatively fine.

For the immunocompromised, the likelihood of death is strongest and the more the virus spreads, the more the death rate will rise. The entire world is on alert and the U.S., in particular, is holding its breath at the thought of what is to come.