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Giannis, Steph, and Anthony Davis Headline Best Odds For 2019-20 MVP

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

Last season, we saw Giannis Antetokounmpo dominate the NBA landscape in ways that were almost indescribable.

But after a summer of much change and turmoil, you can expect a number of stars, including Giannis, to show out next season as well. Thinking ahead to the upcoming season and the storylines that go along with it, which stars are going to take their games to the highest level? Which of the NBA's biggest names are amongst the favorites to win MVP?

OddsShark recently gave their odds to win the award, and it has the community buzzing with takes.

Giannis Antetokounmpo +300

Stephen Curry +550

Anthony Davis +750

James Harden +800

Joel Embiid +1200

Kawhi Leonard +1200

LeBron James +1200

Nikola Jokic +1800

Paul George +2000

Damian Lillard +2800

Russell Westbrook +3000

Kemba Walker +5000

Kyrie Irving +5000

Luka Doncic +5000

Donovan Mitchell +5000

Jimmy Butler +7500

As the reigning MVP, Giannis is obviously favored for next year. It might even be more likely considering some of the Bucks' most recent departures.

2x MVP winner Steph Curry comes in second place, and for good reason. We have seen Curry activate his unstoppable stroke in the past. Without KD and Klay (for the first half of the season, at least) Steph will be expected to carry most of the offensive load for the Dubs. If they end up as a top seed in the West, he will be the one to get credit.

Anthony Davis follows Curry for 3rd, and this is, arguably, the most controversial on the list. As a superstar with so much to prove, Davis has yet to achieve any real postseason success. Assuming his health even stays consistent, he will have a tough time earning an MVP title playing next to LeBron James.

Nonetheless, it will be interesting to witness which guys step up next year. In what might be the most wide-open season in some time, this is the time for teams and their stars to take advantage of the new-found opportunity.