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Gilbert Arenas Accuses Duke To Pay Players To Choose Them Over Kentucky

Gilbert Arenas Accuses Duke To Pay Players To Choose Them Over Kentucky

The prospect of student-athletes getting paid is quite a controversial topic among sports fans, but that doesn’t mean these practices don’t happen, even though it is illegal in the U.S.

Yet, according to former NBA player Gilbert Arenas, Duke University already did so over the past couple of years. The former Arizona Wildcat, who knows how to be controversial, made a huge statement saying that Duke actually pays players to get into their basketball programs.

It all started when Stephen A. Smith reacted to a piece of California legislation allowing students to get paid for endorsements. Smith named several schools in his rant, including Drexel University, Kentucky, University of North Carolina, and Villanova. Arenas was quick to respond to the post by saying that he knows two basketball players who committed to Duke instead of Kentucky because of payments.

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This is America!!!!!

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“Ummm (this is America) and every school u named those players get paid way more anyway. U really think players are going to duke without being paid over Kentucky??? I know two players in the last 5 years that’s gotten (200k) to attend duke,” he wrote.

This is indeed a controversial statement. Even if Arenas didn’t give any names, he actually name-dropped a school that was recently involved in a legal battle.

The university, alongside Nike, was accused by Michael Avenatti to have paid New Orleans Pelicans forward Zion Williamson and other top recruits to go to schools they sponsor. They cleared Zion of all charges, but there is still an investigation ongoing.

Paying college athletes to play is an idea that has racked up a lot of criticism, with people saying that a free scholarship to university is enough compensation. Well, not for college students, who have reportedly agree that athletes should get their money’s worth.