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Gilbert Arenas' Big Prediction For Bronny James: "His Ranking Is Going To Go From Wherever It Is, To 1, 2."

Bronny James Ranks 24th In ESPN's Top 25 For The 2023 High School Hoop Class

When you have LeBron James' last name and gene pool, you're going to draw a lot of attention wherever you go. Bronny James has been used to that since he was a young kid and that's only going to get more obvious as the years go by.

Bronny is trying to follow in his old man's footsteps. He's already a highly coveted prospect and, even though he hasn't played much basketball in high school due to his age and now the pandemic, the upside and potential are clearly there.

That's why former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas - who happens to have a great relationship with LeBron - believes that those who count him out yet don't know what they're talking about, and lauded his relentless work ethic:

"You can’t judge him by his numbers because you’re not looking at everything that’s in front of this man. He needs to understand that he has to take his baby steps, but what you guys are not paying attention to is, look who is practicing and competing with every single day. That’s what’s making him better," Arenas told Fubo Sports, as quoted by Basketball Network.

Arenas believes that the shortened season is a blessing in disguise for the older son of the James household. He won't have to play as many games as they usually do, but he'll get to compete on a daily basis vs. the top-ranked prospects in the States:

"That was the best situation for him because he gets to watch what hunger looks like. it builds a whole nother player, and once those big lions are gone, you are the big lion.” Gilbert added.

The former Wizards star firmly believes that Bronny James will break out as soon as his age allows him to get more playing time. In fact, he even predicted that he'd jump from whatever position he is right now to become the 1st or 2nd prospect in the world by the end of his senior year:

"His ranking is going to go from wherever it is, to 1,2," Arenas concluded.

Well, the genes are definitely there, and no NBA GM or college scout would want to miss on the chance of having another James on his team. So once it's all said and done, expect Bronny to have plenty of suitors for his services.