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Gilbert Arenas On LeBron James, Anthony Davis: ‘I Don’t Know Who’s Going To Stop Them’

Gilbert Arenas On LeBron James, Anthony Davis: ‘I Don’t Know Who’s Going To Stop Them’

The Los Angeles Lakers are about to enter a new era in their history after spending the last six seasons being a mediocre team. Last season they believed things were going to turn themselves around with the arrival of LeBron James, but a series of injuries that affected LeBron and other players frustrated their plans.

Well, this season they raised their bet with the addition of Anthony Davis via trade, which instantly put them in the conversation of the favorite teams to claim the NBA title next year. Of course, pairing up James and Davis is a great formula to have a successful team and everybody around the league is well aware of that.

Moreover, plenty of people have stated the Lakers are the biggest favorites to win the championship next season, including ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. Now, former NBA player Gilbert Arenas has stated the same thing regarding the two stars, as he doesn’t know who is going to actually be able to prevent them from taking the Larry O’Brien to the Staples Center next campaign.

On his ‘No Chill Podcast’, the former Washington Wizards star went to discuss the Lakers’ future ahead of the new season. He praised both LBJ and AD while saying nobody will stop them.

“You got ‘em both on the floor, standing at 6’10 and 6’11. I don’t know what else everyone is pretending they’re looking at, but I don’t know who’s actually going to stop them,” Arenas said.

Even though the Western Conference will feature a bunch of good duos next season, there is no doubt that James and Davis top all of them. Not even the Los Angeles Clippers with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are seen as a big threat to the Purple and Gold. These guys have everything they need to take it all next year, and the Lakers fans couldn’t be more excited about it.