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Gilbert Arenas On Making $62 Million In 17 Games: "It's Why I'm The GOAT."

(via Celebrity Net Worth)

(via Celebrity Net Worth)

In a recent appearance on the "Fair Game" podcast, 3x All-Star Gilbert Arenas sat down with Kristine Leahy to discuss many topics: from life, to basketball.

One of the most interesting bits, though, was regarding a comment Arenas made about a stretch of his career that saw him play just 17 games in a single season.

"You know, the way my contract worked, it was funny to me when the media was laughing at me cause I got amnestied. I was like 'do you know they're going to cut me and give me all my money?' So, therefore, I'm gonna et all my money without actually doing anything. And you're laughing at me why? The 17 games only came because I signed another contract. I signed with Memphis that year, that was the only reason I played 17 games. Other than that, it would have been zero."

(start at: 9:30)

It sounds almost sounds fictional, but it's a true story. Arenas only played 17 games during his final NBA season, to which he was paid $62 million for the fulfillment of his contract.

so while it's pretty unfortunate that Arenas wasn't able to stay healthy for the second half of his career, he hasn't really lost a dime. The dude is swimming in the dough, and he barely had to play for that final year to make it.